History of the French Revolution

History of the French Revolution

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Titre:History of the French Revolution
La langue:Français
Date de sortie:January 19, 2018
Nombre de pages:444 pages
Auteur:F. A. M. Mignet
Editeur:Ozymandias Press
Keyword Books:history, french, revolution

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Of the great incidents of History, none has attracted more attention or proved more difficult of interpretation than the French Revolution. The ultimate significance of other striking events and their place in the development of mankind can be readily estimated. It is clear enough that the barbarian invasions marked the death of the classical world, already mortally wounded by the rise of Christianity. It is clear enough that the Renaissance emancipated the human intellect from the trammels of a bastard mediaevalism, that the Reformation consolidated the victory of the "new learning" by including theology among the subjects of human debate. But the French Revolution seems to defy complete analysis.

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